Create a Safer Workspace With a Floor Coating

Warehouse floor coating services in Chesapeake, VA and surrounding areas

Are the floors in your warehouse starting to lose their protective coating? Distinguished Designs can restore your floors and make them safe again by installing a new layer of coating. All warehouses require a specialized coating in order to withstand heavy foot traffic and machinery. Our team will help you choose the best coating for your needs and effectively cover all heavy traffic areas with a protective layer.

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Quality warehouse floor coating services you can count on

Distinguished Designs of Chesapeake, Virginia has the experience needed to efficiently and effectively handle your warehouse floor coating job. Your new warehouse floor coating will protect your floors from stressors, foot traffic and more.

Did you know that many commercial and industrial facilities are legally required to have a protective floor coatings? If you have a business with:

  • Areas of heavy foot traffic
  • Walkways
  • Dispatch areas
  • Areas that are often wet

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